Innovative Business Models

We help existing organizations, that need to change in order to stay profitable in the future, to design innovative business models and we help organizations and Startups to design a business model around a new business idea. All with the end in mind – your business being profitable in tomorrow’s market.

Strategy for the Future

We help to challenge your thinking and to look at your business (model) from a different perspective. By using visual tools you get a clear understanding of the context you are operating in, the ambition you have for your organization and the new business models you see emerging in the market. We help you to define a strategy for the future and reach your goals.

Sense of Urgency

We make you take action. In this changing world, where technology develops at a high pace, competitors appear overnight, clients demand innovations monthly and large profits and growing market shares are over, organizations have to continuously change their business model in order to survive. We help you and your people to understand your existing business model and to identify improvements to create a sense of urgency within the organization.

Storytelling & Common Language

We help you to bring strategy closer to the people in the organization. Our workshops, visual tools and Business Model Visualizations help you to create a common language and engagement within the team towards the new strategy and common goals to achieve. Your team gets a greater understanding of the business, the context you are operating in and the strategic choices that are necessary to reach those goals.

Profitable in tomorrow’s market

All our strategy work is focused on one thing: your business being profitable in tomorrow’s market. With a new way of thinking about business (models), we help you, your organization and your people to get a shared company vision, a clear idea of how to achieve that vision and to design a better business that leads to future success.